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Feedback from Speaking Events:

Safety Colloquium: 

Thanks again for speaking.  As I think you could tell, the audience was really with you.  They laughed at all the right spots (at least they laughed at what I thought were the right spots!  ;-)  And they had plenty of questions at the end.  Also, a comment I’ve heard more than once is that your talk had more safety content than last year’s talk. (Mind you I’m only repeating what I heard.) 

The audience was much larger than usual.  I’m satisfied if we have 40 attendees, but yesterday I counted 130.

Aviation-related Engineers:

I have only received positive feedback from your session.  Most people are saying it was the most entertaining event in this series yet. 


Links to Completed Interviews Indy Style on WISH Indianapolis, January 2011KNSD TV-7 San Diego interview with Jason Austell, April 2011

Recently updated, and interviews no longer online have been removed.

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Photography-related web interview: