This is the Acknowledgments section from TOPGUN DAYS.

It is very rewarding to finish writing a book, having once committed to the task, and even more rewarding to see it to publication. I am grateful to the people listed below who generously assisted along the way. I apologize to anyone I may have left out.

One of the first people who knew about my project was the late George Hall, an extraordinary aviation photographer, author, businessman, mentor, and friend. George provided accurate criticism, prodding, and inspiration. After we lost him, his wife, Nicky, continued to assist and advise.

The following people provided valuable comments, technical information, links to contacts, or other assistance: Glenn “Monk” McCormick, Marty “Streak” Chanik, Paul “Nick” Nickell, Steve “Sonic” Hejmanowski, Doug Siegfried of the Tailhook Association, Ed Barker of the Naval Education and Training Command, Paul Jarvis, Patrick “M-Dog” Catt, Annie Patenaude, and Diane Tedeschky. I appreciate the comments I received on early drafts of the manuscript from Patrick Morganelli, Kaye Eubank, Makoto Fujisaki, Linda Mars, Carrie Pakroo, Duncan Russell, Paul Danner, Joe Badick, Frank DiPatri, Cathy Richter, Casie Hamman, and Alfredo Maglione. Thanks to photographer David F. Brown, who took a nice set of author photos at the F-14 Tomcat on display at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, and Gary Kopp, who keeps the aircraft and display area in excellent condition.

I found that published authors were generous in discussing the publishing business and patient in answering my novice questions. These include Peter Mersky, Walter Boyne, Buzz Williams, Mike Machat, Jay Stout, Ed Ruggero, Jim Farmer, Bob Lawson, Barrett Tillman, Ward Carroll, Duck Auten, James W. Huston, and Jim Hirsch.

I would also like to thank story consultant Dennis Mathis and editor Hillel Black. My editor at Skyhorse Publishing, Mark Weinstein, has been enthusiastic about the book and great to work with—as have the whole crew at Skyhorse.

Finally, I’d like to thank my agent, Robert Astle.

Thank you.